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Born in Congo Kinshasa, Kevin developed a love for sports at an early age and that love followed him once his family migrated to Toronto Canada. Kevin excelled in basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, track, and field. That love and passion would pay off as Kevin got recruited to finish off his high school career in Fort Worth Texas on a basketball scholarship. He then obtains a basketball scholarship to attend East Texas Baptist University.  At the age of 21 years, old Kevin decided to try his hand in the entertainment industry coming in as a booking agent for many artists and athletes. In 2014 Kevin started managing artists and athletes until taking on the job as the creative director/designer for the Dallas Cowboys.  Kevin served as creative director for 2 years under the president of merchandise Bill Priokas and president of Branding/Marketing Matthew O’Neal. 

Kevin Mubenga is the founder and CEO of Mubenga Sports. Having served as a manager, booking agent, and creative director for countless entertainers. In 2020 after 9 years of serving in the music/fashion and sports industry Kevin Mubenga decided to redirect his focus to the sports industry thus creating Mubenga Sports.

Mubenga Sports is a new-age sports boutique management firm that focuses on contract negotiations, cross-brand marketing, and sponsorships. Having maneuvered through the music and fashion industry while still working in sports Kevin has figured out what it takes to build the perfect career for an athlete. “Utilizing experience and creativity is the key to building a perfect career for an athlete. Being young and a former athlete myself but having enough experience in the corporate settings allows me to relate to the athlete while also having enough understanding to know how to make the tough decisions. Having worked with the likes of French Montana, Teyana Taylor, Nipsey Hussle, Dorroughmusic and countless other entertainers in the music industry Kevin quickly realized artist and athlete are more similar than we assumed and if the same marketing efforts are made in the sports world we could have the same results.

In 2017 Kevin partnered up with friend and CEO of Fanaticsview Taylor Jones and serves as Chief of innovation officer for the sports media company. In 2018 Kevin Mubenga turned his attention to solely Managing athletes with a focus on MMA and Boxing.

With both respective sports being the latter of all major league sports like NBA, NFL and MLB Kevin knew that combat sports were due for some new innovative ways to create stars and cross-brand them into pop culture thus starting the creation of Mubenga Sports. Fast forward to 2020 and we have some of the biggest boxing and MMA stars on our roster.

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